Renaissance Of Gaia

This exhibition reflects the human journey through the Chakras, or energy centres in the body. Margaret has meditated for many years, practised yoga, Reiki, studies Sound Healing and has a great interest in the herbal wisdom of ancient cultures, especially Ayurveda, Chinese, and Celtic.

Beginning with the root Chakra, at the base of the spine, which draws in the colour Red, we ensure a firm material foundation, protection, home, security. The Haka Dance represents this need to protect home and family and ask the Divine for guidance in this.

The second Chakra, sacral, draws in the colour orange and represents our financial, creative and relationship energies. The power and passion of the Spanish Dancers are a symbol of this chakra.

The Third Chakra, Solar Plexus; draws in the colour yellow and represents our emotional centre, our centre of learning; our personal power and strength. The Wild horses symbolise the releasing of our emotions.

It is said there is another chakra in between the Solar Plexus and the heart. This is represented by the colour Chartreuse or yellow-green and effects our spleen, endocrine glands.

The fourth or Heart Chakra draws in the colour Green. ‘When I meditate I find it easy to see the heart centre as a beautiful green whirling vortex, sending out love at the front, then circling around and bringing love and beauty into the the back”. It is the Painting of GAIA, the earth as a woman turning over, full circle, changing and renewing as she is right now, bringing humanity to a higher thought, a realisation of connectedness. Representing the unconditional heart love is also the green clarity of the rainforest, painted here with a large Ulysses butterflies.

In between the throat and heart is the Thymus, represented by the colour Turquoise.

The beautiful blue of the Pacific ocean represents the Throat Chakra, the energy centre of our communication. The dolphin in its blue sea world symbolises this wonderful communication and community.

The Third Eye, the forehead chakra is symbolised by the purple hues of the night sky, creativity, intuition and oneness. The Crown chakra is symbolised by the beauty and harmony of flowers, Lillies, Angel Wings, a higher thought pattern and deep connection to the Universe.

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