Life's Tapestry

This is a collection of paintings reflecting not only a family journey but the beauty of all aspects of life. It was first exhibited in a Redlands Gallery space, Queensland.

Life is a tapestry of light and dark moments. We create our own life tapestry with our perception of these highlights and shadows; these seemingly positive and negative events. There is a time for every emotion, a moment for every choice.

Though life holds tears, struggle, fears and frustrations, and unexpected byroads, it is a beautiful journey, a celebration! Each moment, each situation holds for us a lesson, a gift, and a moment of joy. It is our responsibility to accept this and return it with gratitude, propelling ourselves forward into higher thought.

The paintings in this collection were painted in oils on large canvas. My inspiration was family journeys and the music used in the studio was Vivaldi.

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Showing 1–16 of 18 results