An Inkan Journey

Always fascinated by the wisdom and sacred sites of ancient cultures, Margaret took a solo journey to Peru, Chile and Easter Island. There she wandered Machu Picchu; the path to the Sun Gate; Saksaywaman; Tambomachay and other Inkan ruins, high in the Andes. It is the magnificence of an ancient race; the vastness
of a breathtaking, surreal landscape; and the beauty of its wildlife which has influenced this collection.

Sitting on the edge of the 9,000 mtre Colca Canyon, watching Condors circling silently in the airwaves above, Margaret formed a deep respect for these majestic birds with their 3 metre wingspan.

Margaret tells a visual story of Peppy, the magestic condor, sadly caged for many years, his mate having died some years before. The story of Peppy may be read in Margaret’s writings.

It is this month long solo trip to Peru, Chile and Easter Island (Rapa Nui) which inspired Margaret to paint the large canvas works for this collection.

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Showing all 8 results