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An Artistic Journey | A celebration of life, dance and angels

Many people feel a strong and passionate yearning to connect with their “inner artist” but few people have the courage to begin, and then to persist and see where that road will lead them. Margaret Girle is one such person. Margaret’s life and art is now a radiant expression of this divine connection to Source and her faith and trust in this energy.

Oil on Canvas. This represents the freedom and courage of letting our fears go and surrendering to the great unknown with self belief!

Margaret was able to draw from the first time she held a pencil. It was a natural instinct, as was her belief in the exixtence of higher realms. As a young, divorced mother of three, Margaret began a spiritual journey – a long journey of soul searching. This took her from the world of fashion design and innovating her own personal presentation/motivation classes back to her beloved art, via a Bachelor degree in education at Griffith University. It is often said that we teach not only what we most need to learn, but also what we need to understand. We can only really understand something through doing, feeling and connection, and through expressing this to others in some outward action. To this end, Margaret opened the School of Art Expression, which she ran in Redlands in South East Queensland. The program Margaret developed helped students to tap into their own creative abilities and yearnings. Most classes began with a short visualization/meditatioon.

From the exhibition – Life’s Tapestries. Oil on Canvas 106cm x 121cm . She kicks off her shoes (fears) and runs through a beautiful field of Tulips (truly living life).

Margaret, why do you start your classes with a spiritual practice like meditation?
‘To do any form of art with truth and passion, the artist must first take a journey inward. The energy of the artwork expresses the artist’s inner truth- Art is a mirror reflection of the soul”. Margaret gains inspiration, energy and focus for her creative work from Yoga and dance (Wu Tao and Latin) as well as voice work (John Rodriquez voice workshops) and Kinesiology/balance (Carol Starr, Kingscliffe). An exhibition of Margaret’s work was held in July of this year (2008) at Freestyle Tout in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

Margaret, why did you call your exhibition “Illuminarta – a celebration of life, dance and angels”?.
Purely because I was inspired to do many different subjects, I used the light (illumination) in each painting as the unifying factor. The exhibition is a celebration of the many facets of life from the passion of the Flamenco dance and the powrful beauty of the Geisha to the loving energy of the couple dancing “To the Rhythm of a Heartbeat”.

Acrylic on canvas 61x91cm. Reaching for her dreams takes her upward, soaring with wings where only the birds fly. Symbolic also of the element air.

Earlier exhibitions such as ‘Life’s Tapestry, portrayed the soul’s journey firstly to one’s past- through life tests, to present time. The Painting “Run through Tulips” is a colourful oil painting of a woman running barefoot through a field of vibrant red tulips, portraying the need for us to embrace the present moment. Barefoot is symbolic for casting off fears.

Margaret, what are your beliefs about art?
‘I see art as not only a portrayal of beauty but an inspirational and educational modality as well, such as in another of my paintings, ‘The Edge”, which depics a woman on the very edge of a precipice with eagles flying overhead. To achieve our dreams we must ‘climb to the edge’ and despite fear, step towards our dream (off the edge), with belief and courage – we then fly like the eagles”.

A study of the Ancient Cultures also greatly influences Margaret’s art. A solo trip to Peru, Chile and Easter Island was a spiritual journey. As she stood in the early morning mists at the Sun Gate, high above Machu Picchu, the breathtaking beauty and mystical architecture of that sacred place confirmed the Incan spiritual wisdom for her.

Oil on Canvas 65 x 96. The Goddess represents abundance in a very powerful civilisation.

New works “on the easel” will reflect a myriad of different cultures, as well as an expansion of the Angel theme. Margaret has felt guided for many years to paint angels. Her website displays her work in galleries as well as in collections which describe her reason and visionary experience in doing each piece. Painting and drawing the human form has always been an artistic strength and it is the combination of this skill and her passion for Sacred Geometry – the natural patterns and equations of nature that inspired Leonardo Da Vinci which Margaret creates in her artwork.

What is next for your Art?
‘There is always growth and change, life and art are a wondrous journey of positive learning, discovery and expansion’ We hope that, like Margaret, you will be encouraged to pick up a pencil and draw, and see where it takes you!..

These articles are writings by Margaret for magazines, including the Insight Magazine and the Australian Artist Magazine. They cover subjects which Margaret has had a great interest in for many years including Sacred Geometry, fractals, the Flower of Life, healing frequencies, the power of imagery and our thoughts, and sound healing. More articles will be added and Margaret is currently working on a novel which tells the mystical journey of a woman in her quest for truth. The E-Book version will soon be released on this website. For more information contact or

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