The art of Margaret Girle reflects her life philosophy, that the entire Universe is interconnected and it is the quality of our thoughts moment by moment which creates our environment!

Margaret is an Artist/Educator/Writer and Sound Healing Student. (B.a.v.e; Academie D’Arte; S.H. Global Inst.S F)

She has exhibited regularly in Queensland and Internationally in New York.

As an artist, Margaret portrays on large canvases, in vibrant colour, the energy and feeling of each subject.

As an Art Alchemist, Margaret has the unique ability to take raw materials, pure pigments, resonancy, and, with her visualisation, creates beautiful works of art infused with the healing energies of joy, love, abundance and peace.

As an educator and entrepreneur, Margaret has taught in her own programs for over 25years as well as the mainstream education system. Margarets innovations have included -

'School of Art Expression',art programs for children, teens, adults in the Redlands.
'Bayou Designs', a line of women’s fashions, entered in the Bayside Fashion Design Awards.
'Stepping Out', programs to High Schools, Business Colleges, and private groups, in motivation, personal growth, presentation and style.
Prior experience in a diverse range of fields, overseas study and travel to many ancient and sacred sites has influenced Margarets work. Her art is infused with a freshness of colour, energy and flowing “lyrical” line as well as a powerful healing quality and Joie De Vivre – a love of life!

Margaret does commissions; portraits; corporate art; and all artwork in her galleries and collections are available in a range of prints.

Contact me margaret@girleart.com or margaret@girleart.com.au Mob: +61 400013783